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Technical Details


Adhesive Edge Strip & Dab application method

Fixing Insulation Panels on the Corners of Buildings

Standard Mechanical Fixing Pattern (height up to 8 meters)

Standard Mechanical Fixing Pattern (height 8-20 meters)
Standard Mechanical Fixing Pattern (height above 20 meters)
Movement Beads
Additional Stress Patches to Openings
Steel Window Sill
Fixing Gates through External Insulation
EPS 200 or XPS Insulated Plinth (New Building)
EPS 200 or XPS Insulated Plinth (Refurbishment)
Connection with Eaves
Roof Barge
Roof Abbutment
Mesh overlap on window – door head
Mesh overlap under window sill
Mesh overlap on surface
Overlapping of mesh on the surface and corner of ETICS
Overlapping of mesh at the begining and finish of ETICS
Movement Joint
Horizontal & Vertical Fire Barrier
Reinforcement at Opes
Ope Head
Build on site insulated window sill
Steel powercoated insulated window sill
Eves (ETICS stops at soffit board)
Eves (ETICS connects with roof insulation)
Flue Pipe Sleeving
Ventilation Pipe Sleeving
Sewage Pipe Sleeving
Roof abbutment with starter track

Technical Data Sheets

TDS Adhesive TS-100
TDS Basecoat TU-200
TDS Deep-Acting Primer
TDS Eterna Paint
TDS Fibreglass Mesh 165 gr/m2
TDS Fixings
TDS Igloo
TDS Maresil Polysilicate Primer
TDS Maresil Polysilicate Render
TDS Marmare Mosaic Primer
TDS Marmare Mosaic Render
TDS Tesoro Acrylic Primer
TDS Tesoro Acrylic Render

Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS Adhesive TS-100
MSDS Basecoat TU-200
MSDS Deep-Acting Primer W
MSDS Eterna Paint
MSDS Fibreglass Mesh TG-15 165 gr
MSDS Igloo
MSDS Maresil Polysilicate Primer
MSDS Maresil Polysilicate Render
MSDS Marmare Mosaic Primer
MSDS Marmare Mosaic Render
MSDS Tesoro Acrylic Primer
MSDS Tesoro Acrylic Render
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