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Silicone External Wall Insulation System

1. Adhesive
-Sempre Start TS-100 Adhesive
 2. Thermal Insulation
-Platinum EPS 70 Conductivity 0.031 W/m2K-EPS 200 Plinth Insulation 0.033 W/m2K
 3. Basecoat
-Sempre Universal TU-200 Basecoat
 4. Fibreglass mesh
-Sempre TG-15 165 gr/m2
 5. Primer
-Sempre Azuro silicone primer
 6. Render
-Sempre Azuro silicone render
 7. Supplementary components
-PVC profiles (angle bead, window bead, drip bead)-EPS fixings and fire rated fixings
-Aluminium starter track
-Rockwool fire breaks
-Mastic sealants
-Window sills and flashing’s
-Sempre mouldings and architectural features
-Sempre W Deep-acting primer
-Sempre Alghesil anti-fungus concentrate
-Sempre Marmare mosaic primer and render
-Sempre Igloo accelerator
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